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Carr Johnston and his team at Sounds Creative specialize in writing and producing GREAT Music Tracks and Jingles for Radio, Internet Radio & Television. They also produce Telephone ON HOLD Messaging, design ADS for Outdoor Advertising, manage Podcast Advertising, create Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Ad Campaigns and More!

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If you catch yourself singing along to a catchy jingle you hear on radio, television or a podcast, you're probably familiar with the work of Sounds Creative. Inspired many (many!) moons ago by Darrin on Bewitched, Carr Johnston decided he wanted to make his mark in the world by creating memorable commercials to help companies grow.


Still Remember Jingles from Your Childhood?

That’s REAL BRAND POWER! Carr and his team at Sounds Creative have been crafting unique and memorable jingles and messages for clients for over 25 years. But before any writing begins, extensive research takes place. That's why every TV or Radio spot, Billboard, Podcast or Social Media ad always hits its mark.


Shift Gears for More BRAND POWER

Sounds Creative has negotiated tens of millions of dollars in media placement nationwide. We use our fine-tuned planning, strategy, negotiating skills and industry clout to get you the biggest bang for your buck. Want FREE Advice?...JUST CALL - (416) 805-7664 or Toll Free (877) 306-0119!  Deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.


Now You Can Buy "Creative on Time"

Creative on Time – a new payment program Sounds Creative offers. It allows you to "buy your creative on time.”  This program makes green-lighting a project easier for our clients. First Impressions are Everything – Do not miss an opportunity to make a Great Impression!  Every dollar counts, but don't hold back your potential… get your name out there now!


Expand Your Brand…

...by leveraging outdoor advertising using opportunities like buses and billboards – two great ways to reach your moving target. We produce great, simple and clear messages that reach the wide area you are trying to cover. Call for a Free Quote and a Free Design to illustrate how your message can work 24/7!


Our Talent Roster is HUUUUUUGE!

Our talent choices are endless. We have a wide range of male and female voice talent with distinct character voices and accents, who are sure to appeal to a multitude of tastes. We can also create your audio signature in any language. Our commercial production involves a series of approvals at each stage ensuring that you are 100% satisfied. Our goal is to make you huuuuugely successful!


Meet a few of our wonderful, happy and satisfied clients!


Old Clunker of a Jingle Not Workin’ Anymore?


The “Jingle Trade-In" Plan!

In addition to Creative On Time, Sounds Creative now offers the "Jingle Trade-In" plan. This program will get you some Cash Back on the Jingle that you currently use. It might be worn or really needs a refresher or you just don't like it! Call us for a FREE Consultation. We will make your next jingle the hit single – everyone will be singing out your name!



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