Our Creative Team Delivers Exactly What You Need - Exactly When You Need It

Our experts will out perform your expectations time after time

Our creative team has a family history!

We offer decades of experience

A creative team like ours (that has been together for decades*) has solved just about every marketing dilemma on record. Need captivating copy? A technical manual that anyone can read and understand? Or maybe a comprehensive set of marketing assets. No matter the situation, we tap all the experience and know-how from our creative team to produce the great marketing tools you'll need to capture the hearts and minds of every customer you meet with.

In short, we'll take every opportunity to provide you with great materials and support services that exceed your expectations - always within budget and on time.

Success is our common goal. Let's achieve it together.




Our key personnel:

The Johnson brothers



Bruce Johnson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

With 25+ years of marketing and advertising experience, Bruce has played many roles, most often liaison between creative team and major stakeholders. He is a key developer of overall strategy in defining the scope of a project, determining time frames, milestones, human resource and budget requirements. Bruce has a proven track record of helping clients secure new business by developing and creating great marketing tools for them.



Brady Johnson, PhD, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Brady is our Copy Chief and writes academic, scientific, tutorial and marketing and advertising copy with publications dating back to 1985. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise and a knack for making complex information understandable for any audience. He is a highly experienced public speaker who is able to design effective PowerPoint presentations for virtually any application.

Brady's PhD is in the Behavioural Neurosciences with specialization in human visual perception. He also has expertise in micro-electronics, micro-controller programming and product design, and he is an expert in technical photography.