With Limited Time to Make Lasting Impressions – Retail Experience Plays a Vital Role

If you aren’t totally confident in your current marketing tools and presentations, why would a retail buyer be?

There's no substitute for Retail Experience ...

Got the right tools for the job?

Quality goods backed by our impactful marketing tools – imbued with years of retail experience – greatly increase your odds of landing the purchase order you've been putting your hearts into for weeks, months and sometimes even years. So, before you head into that long awaited meeting, make sure you have great marketing tools backing you up.

Reps supported with great marketing tools impress buyers with confidence and enthusiasm, but the Jansson marketing design team goes way beyond just making things pretty.

We provide tools that are calculated to make a powerful connection with the buyer. Working with you, our goal will be to make the product the hero, show why consumers will love it, and leave buyers wanting more!

If you haven't already, check out the list of retailers our clients sell to...

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Lowes (US)

Home Depot (US, Canada)

Costco (US, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan)

Walgreens (US)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (US, Canada)

Walmart (US, Canada)

Pricesmart (US, Mexico)

Home Hardware

Pep Boys