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I'm Bruce Johnson

I help people with marketing and advertising from my home office in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

I was founder and managing partner of August Jansson Advertising Inc. (1994-2006).

Currently, I run Jansson Media and Jansson Marketing Group Inc. (2006 - present).

BTW our original family name was changed to "Johnson" when our grandpa "August Jansson" passed through Ellis Island a long time ago!

I'll assist you with :

• Defining marketing goals;
• Developing customer personas;
• Target audience research;
• Setting (realistic) objectives;
• Forming campaign strategies;
• Choosing tactics to support those strategies;
• Creating and launching ad or email campaigns;
• Digital or print graphic design (all types);
• Website wireframe or build (WordPress, Shopify, etc.);

I take on small, one-off projects (a few hours total) and freelance roles.


Unbreakable Rules to Advertise By

Unbreakable Rules

During my career, I've seen many changes in how messages (ads) are prepared, produced and distributed.

But the absolute most important and UNBREAKABLE RULES have never changed:

3. at the RIGHT TIME!


Hello there!

The Right Message

Your message must be quickly and perfectly clear to anyone who pauses to consider it.

Quick. When advertising on social platforms like Facebook, you MUST captivate your audience quickly before they scroll past your ads!

Clear. Craft your message with text , images and graphics that get the message across quickly.

(I've launched nearly 100 successful Facebook Paid Ad campaigns. If you need help, contact me).

Also remember, if your ad's proposition (offer or message) is weak it won't convince anyone!

In fact, a weak proposition can actually UN-SELL your products or services.


Hello there!

The Right Audience

The RIGHT AUDIENCE for your offers and message(s) is crucial.

Fortunately, it's never been easier to find your ideal audience when advertising on major platforms like Google, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

Allowing us such a close look at the people using their platform has changed everything.

They provide us with insights into the demographics, interests and behaviours of their audiences.

We can then use the information to create our own ideal audiences!

In this day and age, there is no excuse for wasting ad dollars with such detailed targeting information at our disposal.


Hello there!

The Right Time

The RIGHT TIME could mean the right "SEASON" (Christmas, for instance) OR a day of the week OR a time of day OR all of the above!

The RIGHT TIME is also when your audience "Googles" to find offers like yours.

The ideal time to advertise your product, service or idea is when someone is actively searching for it!

TIMING can also be thought of this way:
Right now, a hand-picked audience (based on demographics, interests and behaviours) is ready to hear from you (in every time zone around the world) as soon as you've finished crafting the right message to send them!

* * *

Human attention spans are at an all-time low!

Time Magazine: Microsoft Corp. did a study and concluded that people generally lose concentration after eight seconds due to the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

A Goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds…

… So, regardless of the advertising medium,

you must communicate your offer quickly and clearly


you might as well be talking to a goldfish!

* * *

Globe and Mail: Google reports Canada had the highest rate of adoption for 6-second "bumper" ads on YouTube of any market worldwide.

MIT News: Neuroscientists tell us the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

Do the math using a 6-second Youtube bumper ad example:

6 seconds = 6,000 milliseconds ÷ 13 = 462 (images)

(one heck of a lot of identifiable image possibilities in 6 seconds).

FYI: That is why we see so many 6-second bumper ads on YouTube –

'cause they work!

* * *

Some advertisements don't "see" or "get" what people want!

I've seen TV ads that catch my attention, but by the end of the ad, I can't even recall the brand.

Ever wonder why so many ads on TV, social media – or even billboards – seem like they were created by total pumpkin heads?


These advertisers are NOT FOLLOWING the UNBREAKABLE RULES!

* * *

Hello there!

Marketing is the preparation of a product or service for the marketplace.

Marketing is all about communication among team members.

When crafting your marketing plan, our team will start with a background review.

Sharing knowledge and perceptions about a brand with everyone involved gets everyone on the same page. 

A thorough review is mandatory, no matter what the category of product, service or idea that is being marketed.

We Will REVIEW everything from consumer research and competitive analysis to product pricing, promotion and distribution channels.

Hello there!

A comprehensive Media Plan is necessary for choosing the right advertising vehicle(s) prior to spending any ad dollars.

NOTE: An advertising vehicle is rarely a car and even more rarely, an outhouse!

Smaller companies might spend on vehicles like community newspapers, social media, search engine marketing, maybe even a billboard. (Or, yes, sometimes even a car with a sign on its roof. Once I even saw a sign bolted to the side of an outhouse!).

Need help with media buying?

I can buy all types of media – from TV and radio to billboards and bus shelters – in major cities or nationally.

Hello there!

Location targeting allows you to set a radius around your business location.

Send messages to your ideal audience – only to those in your targeted area.

On Facebook, the radius can be as low a one mile (1.6 km) to many miles.

Larger companies with larger budgets have more media choices but the same applies: Plan media carefully before you buy any!

Use location targeting to pinpoint a country, region, city – or even neighbourhood – before sending your offer to your target audience.


Hello there!

Advertising is a key component of marketing.

Advertising is the act of promoting your company's products or services through paid channels (advertising vehicles), email, TV, radio ads, bus shelters, billboards, etc.

It's all about sending the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME, right?

Once you've nailed your marketing plan and media choices, you're ready to advertise!If your plan is to launch paid ads on social media, the exercise will include A/B testing, tracking metrics, monitoring and optimizing (refining) campaigns –  and repeating the process – until you are getting the ROAS we set as an objective! 

Do you need help with these tasks, or just getting started?

As mentioned previously, I can buy all types of media – from TV and radio to billboards and bus shelters.

We can buy in major cities or right across the board nationally. If you're serious, I'll get you a quote.

Hello there!

During my stint as Art Director of Advertising at the Toronto Sun, RETAIL ADVERTISING was my focus.

Everything – On Sale!

I worked with so many advertisers, consulting with and designing campaigns for them.

After several of the bigger advertisers convinced me to start my own business, I established a downtown Toronto boutique ad agency, August Jansson Advertising, in 1994.

My ad agency experience was amazing giving me a strong marketing and advertising foundation that I continue to build upon and knowledge that I am happy to share!

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August Jansson Advertising operated in downtown Toronto for over ten years.

During that time I had the privilege of working directly with the owners, CEO's and Marketing Directors of some of Canada's largest and most successful independent retailers.

Working alongside those amazing men and women, helping them develop their big ideas – and decide how to spend millions annually on advertising – was a valuable education in marketing, media planning and advertising.

Education I apply to my business to this day!

Hello there!

Since 1994, I've also been involved in B2B marketing and advertising.

From initial sales presentations prepared for buyers – to package design – to in-store signage –

I was involved (I'm proud to say) every step along the way!

We helped a few of our clients take products from the drawing board all the way to the shelves of giant U.S. retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco – Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and many more.

If you want to know a bit more about my business history and who my clients were…

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If you're interested in discussing a one-off project or part-time freelance role (6-10 hrs/wk), let's set up a Zoom (or Skype) meeting!

Please contact me via email (without the spaces) :

bruce @ jansson media . com

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